Provisioning the add-on

You can attach RabbitMQ Bigwig to a Heroku application via the CLI:

$ heroku addons:create rabbitmq-bigwig
-----> Adding rabbitmq-bigwig to sharp-mountain-4005... done, v18 (free)

Once you have added RabbitMQ Bigwig you will find RABBITMQ_BIGWIG_TX_URL and RABBITMQ_BIGWIG_RX_URL settings in the app configuration. These contain the canonical URLs used to access the newly provisioned RabbitMQ Bigwig service instance. You can confirm this using the heroku config:get command.

$ heroku config:get RABBITMQ_BIGWIG_RX_URL
$ heroku config:get RABBITMQ_BIGWIG_TX_URL

We give you two URLs to ease separating your producers from your consumers. Producers connect to the URL in RABBITMQ_BIGWIG_TX_URL, and we shape this connection to provide consistent throughput. Consumers connect to the URL in RABBITMQ_BIGWIG_RX_URL. We optimise connections to this URL for the consumer case. This separation of producers and consumers follows RabbitMQ best practice. You can read more about how and why we shape here.

After installing RabbitMQ Bigwig you should configure the application to fully integrate with the add-on.