Bigwig offers SSL encryption of your AMQP connections on certain plans.

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Provisioning the add-on

How to get started

Using with Rails

Two popular AMQP client libraries for Ruby are the bunny and amqp gems. The amqp gem uses the asynchronous EventMachine framework, and so is not a good fit for a Rails application. Thus, use the bunny gem.

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Using with Ruby

The amqp gem is especially appropriate when running on a worker dyno, as it supports writing software that reacts to external events.

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The RabbitMQ Bigwig dashboard allows you to keep close watch over your broker, controlling your exchanges, queues, bindings, users, and so on.

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Management API

RabbitMQ has a comprehensive HTTP management API.

Moving between plans

We don’t currently support seamless migration between plans.

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Removing the add-on

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