Bigwig, offers easy to use, scalable RabbitMQ messaging in the cloud. Currently available on Heroku.

Why use RabbitMQ in the cloud?

See this blog post on RabbitMQ.com.

Use Bigwig to gain the benefits that RabbitMQ can bring to your architecture without having to install and maintain the broker yourself. There is free tier in each environment for you to use as a sandbox before going into production.

Scale your applications

Using a message broker is a great way to decouple your applications to help them scale, to cope with peaks of activity, or as a central integration technology.

Open standards, open source

RabbitMQ Bigwig is powered by the open source RabbitMQ broker. It is it is the leading implementation of AMQP, the open standard for business messaging.

Integrate almost anything, anywhere

RabbitMQ was built from the ground up to interoperate with other technologies: it supports numerous platforms allowing you to connect a wide variety of applications. RabbitMQ Bigwig puts this flexibility in the cloud, connecting applications anywhere on the Internet.

Putting developers in control

RabbitMQ allows you to implement a huge variety of messaging patterns, and with the AMQP model, it is you who controls the broker.

Quick and easy

Getting started with RabbitMQ Bigwig takes minutes, and there are guides to getting started with RabbitMQ for many platforms.